Monday, November 11, 2013

Taste; South Broad Ripple

Taste is easily one of the most popular and crowded brunch spots in South Broad Ripple. Their busy patio section located on the southwest corner of 52nd and College can make Naptown feel like a busting European downtown if only for a weekend morning rush. The simple counter-service-only bistro setting is unique among other restaurants in the area and can prove to be problematic if you feel like adding something to your order later on in the meal (Back of the line, and on a busy Sunday the wait can exceed 30 minutes). Besides the awkward hybrid cafeteria-style service, the food on Taste’s menu is top notch.
            For breakfast you can find your typical Indy staples like cheddar biscuits and gravy ($7.50) along with a host of knife and fork (read: messy to eat) breakfast sandwiches that feature bits of flair (mostly Aioli) throughout to keep things exciting. The egg sandwich ($7.95) with roasted red peppers, mozzarella, and field greens on a roll or the Hummus Bagel ($6.95) with radishes, harissa, and sprouts use simple variations to perfection.
            The lunch menu has enough salad and sandwich choices for any company complete with vegetarian and hearty meat options. Standouts include the Ni├žoise Tuna Sandwich ($7.25) as a slightly more American variation of the pan bagnat (including olive tapenade but replacing the radishes with cucumbers) and Truffle Frites (9.00), which are seasoned with Parmesan, truffle oil, and a side of truffle aioli.
            The top highlight here is the espresso service (Double Espresso and a Croissant; $6.50). While the coffee itself is nothing to applaud but a standard shot of espresso from a food service quality super-auto, it is served to near SCAA standards (sometimes a cute triangle-folded napkin replaces the spoon) and a dollop of hardened meringue. It’s the most curious cup of espresso in Indianapolis, and finding creative ways to eat the meringue “cookies” make Taste quite the treat.

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