Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stick to brewed coffee.

A sinking feeling comes over me every time I hear a Barista asking silly questions about how to make a drink. What's worse is when they are answered with an array of differing and unsure responses in a dumbfounded chorus of murmurs. Does anyone on the floor know how to use this thing?

I love coffee in most of it's forms. From my local diner to the nearby coffee house, homemade french pressings, and K-cup magic. It's all good. Espresso is especially exciting for me and fucking it up is usually unforgivable.

Bicycles are another entity that get me extremely enthused. I enjoy feebly pedaling bicycles down the roadway, finishing last in bicycle races against men more than twice my age, and smelling the roses alongside singletrack. I find the tight pants "arousing" and the smell of embrocation and chain lube gets me higher than bath salts.

I also have a drinking problem; I'm so fucking broke that I can't afford to drink the way I'd like to: Heavily.

I will be using this space to share reviews, experiences, and insights pertaining to the state of coffee, booze and bicycles in the state of New Jersey and beyond. As we say, "Cheers Up!"